Pick ’Em Fantasy Doha Epee

I’m trying out a new feature where I recommend picks for fantasy fencing. I make no guarantees on the accuracy of my picks; on the other hand, I am at the top of the leaderboard. This week there are only two events, Doha men and Doha women. Let’s get started!

Doha Men


Just close your eyes and pick someone. This top ten is stacked. I personally am going with Kano, but any of Cannone, Di Veroli, Siklosi, or Minobe are safe bets too. Koch won champs last year.


I’m torn here between Bayard and Komata, both of whom I have good feelings about. Bayard did better in Vancouver, so I’m going with him. Other options that jump out at me are recent top-tenner Rodriguez, Pereira, and Limardo Gascon. Elsayed is the cynical pick. Top tip for this row - the first six are guaranteed a spot in the 64, so that’s free points.


I’d pick Borel if he was in the 1-10 slot. Having him all the way down here is a steal. Other options: Vancouver champ Midelton, Israeli phenom Cohen, another Limardo.

Doha Women


I’m a huge Moellhausen fan. Song fences like she has an extra inch on her French grip, Candassamy won Worlds, and Fiamingo makes it work despite being a foot shorter than everyone else.


Xiao shone in her hometown event, taking names all through Vancouver, but I wasn’t extremely impressed with her fencing. I’m going to take a swerve here and go with Ndolo. Holmes in one last hurrah is another good option.


Hsieh posts some fun vlogs, and I like her fencing. Kirpu is underrated for this slot, although not as badly as Borel, and everyone else is about the same level - a threat, but not a big one.

For reference, thats: Kano, Bayard, Borel, Moellhausen, Ndolo, Hsieh for me. Good luck to everyone!